Long Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival, Inc.


Reminder: There will be a charge for camping this year. You must go through the festival office to make reservations.
ALL Additional Tickets, camping spaces, and Non-competing dog tags MUST be purchased at: www.scotfest.com or by calling the Festival Office at 970-586-6308.

The festival will have all clan ticket packages will ready for pick up on Thursday, September 9.  The tickets that are included in the tent fee. ie: Gate Passes and Special Parking Pass.   


The 2022 Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival is preparing for the 46th Annual Festival.   

Registrations submitted after the August 1, 2022 deadline will not be accepted.

If you would like a certain space, see map below, you can leave your choices in the space provided on the registration page. If the space you request is already taken, we will get you as close as possible and let you know. Spaces will be assigned by the date and timestamp of your online registration. We do not hold spaces.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Clan Coordinator

Email: ClansEPScotfest@scotfest.com


Please contact the Clan Chair for additional information at clansepscotfest@scotfest.com

Below Tent Spaces Reserved as of JULY 21,  2021 
Please contact the Clan Chairman Paul Bell for Availability clansepscotfest@scotfest.com

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Past Participating Clans

Clan Anderson

Clan Armstrong

Clan Arthur

Clan Bell

Clan Blair

Clan Bruce Family

Clan Buchanan

Clan Cameron

Clan Campbell

Clan Chisholm

Clan Cian

Clan Cochrane

Colorado Welsh Society

Clan Cumming

Clan Cunningham

Clan Davidson

Clan Donald

Clan Donnachaidh

Clan Douglas

Clan Dowling

Clan Dunbar

Clan Dunlop /Dunlap

Clan Elliot

Clan Ferguson

Clan Forbes

Clan Fraser of Lovat

Clan Graham

Gaelic Society of America

Clan Gregor

Clan Gunn

Clan Guthrie

Clan Hall

Clan Hamilton

Clan Hay

Clan Henderson

House of Gordon

Clan Hunter

Clan Innes

Clan Irwin

Clan Johnston

Clan Keith

Clan Kennedy

Clan Kincaid

Clan Lamont

Clan Lindsay

Clan Lockhart

Clan Logan

Clan MacAlisdair

Clan MacAlpine

Clan MacCallum/Malcolm

Clan MacDougall

Clan MacDuff

Clan MacFarlane

Clan MacFarlane World Wide

Clan Macfie

Clan MacInnes

Clan Mackay

Clan MacKenzie

Clan Mackinnon

Clan Mackintosh

Clan MacLachlan

Clan MacLaren

Clan MacLea (Livingstone)

Clan MacLean

Clan MacLellan

Clan MacLennan

Clan MacLeod

Clan MacNab

Clan MacNaughton / MacNachtan

Clan MacNicol

Clan MacPherson

Clan MacNeil

Clan MacRae

Clan Matheson

Clan Maxwell

Clan Moffat

Clan Montgomery

Clan Morrison

Clan Muirhead

Clan Murray

Clan Pollock

Clan Ramsay / Ramsey

Clan Rose

Clan Ross

Clan Routledge

Clan Rutherford

Clan Scott

Clan Sinclair

Scottish American Military Society

Clan Scott

Clan Sinclair

Clan Stewart

Clan Sutherland

Clan Thompson

Clan Turnbull

Clan Urquhart

Clan Wallace

Clan Young


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